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Equine Room: Horses receive the majority of their care in this room. We use cutting edge diagnostic equipment, such as digital radiography and digital ultrasound to determine causes of lameness. Gastroscope examinations for equine stomach ulcers are performed here: a stall is available for overnight fasting prior to scoping. The lighted injection stall allows increased visualization of the horse’s limbs and eases therapeutic procedures. The size and layout of the treatment room allows for several horses and doctors to occupy it simultaneously. 


The Laboratory

: Our NEW in-house lab allows us to run tests to determine the cause of an animals illness quickly and accurately. We have the capability to run blood profiles and chemistries, IgG's, CBC's, fibrinogens, fecals and culture and sensitivities. The speed and accuracy of our lab allows us to have the highest quality diagnostics available to better serve your animals needs. IRAP and PRP for joint, ligament and tendon injuries is processed here. We also use outside private laboratories and universities to give you the most comprehensive testing available.  


Alpaca ICU: This is where critical care of alpacas takes place. The animals can receive Intravenous fluids, plasma and/or blood transfusions, and oxygen is also available. Warming pads and radiant floor heating keep friable newborns at the proper temperature for peak therapeutic care, and in the summer this room can be air conditioned. The makeup of this room allows us to treat several critical care patients at the same time with the utmost care.


Alpaca Runs: This area allows alpacas who are recovering or are not critically impaired to get much needed sunshine and social structure. We believe alpacas are meant to be outside and with their own kind. We feel very strongly that our patients are able to recover faster when permitted to eat grass, breath fresh air and have the freedom to move around. 



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